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                                                                  Holisticly Modular Pontoon System Sustainable Solutions and More Applications. The modular pontoon

                                                                  is produced in the factory , which can be transported easily and quickly assembling  in the destination .


Wahlion Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd was founded in 2013 (Referred to as “Wahlion Offshore”), is a private limited liability company with independent legal entity. We focused on research and development of innovative fields such as marine & offshore engineering, ocean & Water Architecture. With "Modular Assembly Products System" as the core product, It has formed a variety of series of products and targeted solutions aimed at different industries, different needs, and different applications of government, national defense, enterprise and other industries. The company is an early "Marine & Offshore Engineering Technology" as the leading application of "Offshore Facilities & Watercraft Equipments Supporting Service Providers" in the field of innovation.

Since its establishment, we has already invested 1 million RMB in the early stage to develop the core products of "Modular Assembled Product System". Now has five utility model patents, which is mainly about the modular assembly spreader, and has been widely used in the field of harbor & shipping crane. In addition, the company also developed the "modular container steel pontoon" products, which can be applied to the areas of floating docks, floating bridge, modular vessel and floating work platforms. The products can be easily assembled and disassembled to meet the requirements of land, sea and air transport request.

On the technical level, we provide the customer with professional technical services. The Company has established CAD & FEA system to provide comprehensive technology services for ship and yacht engineering, harbor and offshore engineering. Taking "marine & offshore technology" as the leading factor, depends on the standards, rules and other requires the guidance of the technical guidelines, we constantly improving the technical service to providing the "one-stop" solution of EPC project for the customer.

Otherwise, we has established a good cooperative relationship with the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, the Guangdong Ocean University, the Shipyard. Forming the concept of mutually beneficial cooperation based on the principle of "sharing market information, mutual assistance of technical support , mutual complementing of advantageous business".

The office is located in Guangzhou city(Huangpu district) nearby the Wenchong Shipyard, It is only 100 meters away from “B17” Bus Terminal and Wenchong Station of Metro Line 5. We sincerely welcome friends from abroad to visit and cooperate with us.



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1- Steel/Aluminium/Plastic floating docks

2- Steel/Aluminium/Plastic pontoon bridges

3- Floating houses

4- Pontoon steel & aluminium frame system

5- Bollard, cleat, ring, hook, connector

6- Chain, steel pile, pile guide, pile cap

7- high density polyethylene (HDPE)float,Concrete float(CRP), Modular plastic floats

8- Hard wood, softwood-pine, wood&plastic composite (WPC)

9- Marina safety equipment

10- Water & electricity bollards, LED Lighting

11- Aluminium parts, stainless steel parts, buoys, other marina accessories

12- Sale agent of yachts, boats, and jetski.

1- Steel floating docks/pontoon bridges

2- Aluminum floating docks/pontoon bridges

3- Concrete floating docks/pontoon bridges

4- Modular plastic floating docks/pontoon bridges

5- Modular pressure treated wood floating docks/pontoon bridges

6- Other special floating docks/pontoon bridges

1- Floor plan, Topographic map, Scene photos of location

2- Hydrology, wave data of location

3- Geological Survey report of location

4- Information of changes of terrain and sediment erosion and deposition

5- Investment plans and budget of project

6- Project planning, construction plans, approved document, use of the waters

7- Design requirements and standards of project, number of berths, specifications (width, depth & draught of vessel)


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