Accessories Sales

Holisticly Modular Pontoon System Sustainable Solutions and More Applications. The modular pontoon

is produced in the factory , which can be transported easily and quickly assembling in the destination .


Our business scope mainly concentrated in floating structures, including project management, design, construction contract, product manufacture, marine equipment sales, import & export trade etc.


(1) Marine Equipments & Outfittings.

(2) Marina Equipments & Outfittings.

(3) Other equipment & accessories which you want to buy in china.

Marine Accessories

1. Marine Main & Auxiliary Machinery

2. Deck Machinery

3. Electrical Equipment

4. Marine Life-saving Equipment

5. Boat Trailers

6. Boat Fender & Bumper

7. Navigation & Communication Equipment

8. Fire Fighting Equipment

Marina Accessories

1. Cleat/Bollard

2. Rubber Fender

3. Gangway

4. Floats/Buoys

5. Mooring Buoys

6. Walkway Decking

7. Pile Gudies

8. Flexible Bracing Rod

9. Lifesaving Firefighting Equipment

10. Safty Access Gate

11. Safty Ladder

12. Piles & Pile Gaps

13. PE/PVC Water Pipe& Cable Sleeve

14.Water & Power Pedestals

15.Water Amusement Equipment

16.Handrail 、Seat & Springboard

17.Storage Locker

18.Hardware Connection