Consultation & Design

Holisticly Modular Pontoon System Sustainable Solutions and More Applications. The modular pontoon

is produced in the factory , which can be transported easily and quickly assembling in the destination .


Our business scope mainly concentrated in floating structures, including project management, design, construction contract, product manufacture, marine equipment sales, import & export trade etc.


(1) Steel/Aluminium/Concrete  floating docks

(2) Steel/Aluminium/Concrete pontoon bridges

(3) Floating houses

(4) steel & aluminum alloy structure

The Content of Consultation

1. Project proposal

2. Project (preliminary) feasibility study report

3. Project site selection report

4. General aviation safety assessment

5. Flood control assessment report

6. Environmental assessment report

Planning & Design Cover

1. berth scale and yacht selection

2. general layout plan

3. Selection of channel and anchorage

4. type selection of floating bridge

5. port embankment revetment

6. communication and navigation system

7. fire rescue safety equipment

8. maintenance facilities

9. dry storehouse transportation lifting facilities

10. energy environmental protection facilities

11. operation management system