Holisticly Modular Pontoon System Sustainable Solutions and More Applications. The modular pontoon

is produced in the factory , which can be transported easily and quickly assembling in the destination .


Gangway is used to connect the bank protection (fixed pier ) with the floating structure. The main structure type include steel gangway and aluminum gangway, according to the different needs of custom processing, by the actual situation of the project, design the length, thewidth and the crowd loading value, if the car battery get through, it must be satisfied the requirement of vehicle load.The steel gangway used the material is GB carbon steel, CO2 welding process & hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion process , aluminum gangway mainly uses 6061 -T6 , MIG welding process and anodic oxidation corrosion process.The decking used beautiful strong solid wood or wpc, also can use grating (steel grating or FRP grating) and non slip tread plate.