Marinas Construction

Holisticly Modular Pontoon System Sustainable Solutions and More Applications. The modular pontoon

is produced in the factory , which can be transported easily and quickly assembling in the destination .


Our business scope mainly concentrated in floating structures, including project management, design, construction contract, product manufacture, marine equipment sales, import & export trade etc.


(1) The main completion of Piling engineering, Walkway & Finger ,Pile Guide,Gangway, etc.

(2) Accessories Installation: Cleat/Bollard, Power Pedestal,Rubber Fender,Marina safety equipment,other accessories.

Piling Engineering

Steel pipe piles or PHC piles are used to fix the fixed structure of water buildings, such as the yacht wharf, the floating platform of the water house, and so on.


Construction & Installation

Walkway & Finger ,Pile Guide,Gangway, etc.

Accessories Installation

Cleat/Bollard, Power Pedestal,Rubber Fender,Marina safety equipment,other accessories.